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Featured Product: dōTERRA's Purify

Inhale. Relax your shoulders. Smile... Smell that? It's pure fresh air... This month's featured product is dōTERRA's Purify, an essential oil blend which frequently aids in purifying the air and cleaning. Ingredients included in this blend are:

  • Lemon -- Uplifting and invigorating aroma, known as an effective deodorizer and cleaner for multiple surfaces and materials.

  • Lime -- Refreshing energizing aroma, noted for its internal (ingest) cleansing properties as well as a surface cleaner.

  • Siberian Fir -- Fresh pine aroma, proven to soothe anxiety and stress, also promotes healthy breathing.

  • Citronella -- Sweet floral citrus aroma, known as a bug repellant and for its cleansing properties.

  • Tea Tree -- Earthy grounding aroma, helpful in cleansing skin and purifying the air, and early studies show impacts tissue remodeling and metabolism in human cells.

  • Cilantro -- Fresh herbal aroma, known best as a cooking ingredient and flavor, and preclinical studies show may support cognitive function.

Typical uses for this blend include diffusing in the air for a fresh clean smell and to help eliminate environmental threats in the air. Many cleaning applications have been tested with Purify, discovering its use as a Magic Eraser, carpet cleaner, refrigerator freshener, wood duster, leather preserver, and laundry aid. It's lime and lemon ingredients give it an edge in cutting through grease on kitchen surfaces or soap buildup on bathroom tiles. Additionally, its Tea Tree ingredient gives it extra power in its cleaning and antibacterial properties. There are other listed applications including skin care or hair cleaning uses with Purify, but I have not tried any of these personally.

Although I sometimes confuse its scent to that of a stinkbug when I smell it straight from the bottle (due to the cilantro component), Purify has been the only product to get unwanted odors out of fabrics whether they're body odor, dog, cat, horse, or baby in origin. And yes, I have tried the alternatives of burying it or freezing it among many other cleaning products. Purify continues to surpass my expectations when used in the laundry. (*Note: I have not tried it on skunk-affected persons or fabrics. I make every effort not to startle skunks.) It also freshens your environment when used in the diffuser very successfully. Use it in your baby room, as a Fabreeze alternative spray, or near the trashcan to help you enjoy the smell of your home once more! As much as we have used it, our family has not encountered any skin reactions (even when I used this on our son's infant clothes and towels) and the scent is friendly to our dog and cat.

The main caution with this product is to keep out of direct sunlight or UV light up to 12 hours if it is applied to the skin. The citrus ingredients (e.g. lemon, lime) in this blend usually have a strong response on the skin when in sunlight, so I believe this is a likely reason behind this caution. My skin is not sensitive to most ingredients, but my experience has showed me that applying citrus oils (even lemongrass) directly to the skin is not ideal. Lots of olive oil to dissipate the intensity. Wild Orange and Grapefruit however have not irritated my skin when applied directly, although these are not included in this Purify blend. Always use caution, dilute with a carrier oil, use a small test spot on your skin, and/or consult your doctor or dermatologist when working with essential oils that you're unfamiliar with.

We hope this adds insight to the scent pallet and applications of dōTERRA's Purify essential oil blend. Try it out and perhaps you'll be incorporating it into your cleaning and household joy kit as well!


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