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Featured Product: RYZE Mushroom Coffee

Trying to cut out coffee? Partially? Completely? ... Never? I used to be a never-er... Until I learned that having 4 cups in a row can really cause mayhem to my already anxiety-laced self. I further decided a change was in my best interest when I became a mother primarily drinking coffee by day and wine with dinner. Healthier habits help me keep up with my toddler, not to mention the other responsibilities of the day with a level-head. This is where RYZE came into my life. And I must say, I'm quite pleased.

What is RYZE Mushroom Coffee

RYZE Mushroom Coffee is a coffee alternative (yes, it still contains some coffee) that gives sustained energy and focus throughout the day without the restless jitters or crash. It is vegan, compatible with Keto or Paleo diets, and does not contain GMO, dairy, gluten, sugar, or soy products. The mushroom blend comprising this specific RYZE Mushroom Coffee includes:

  • Cordyceps

  • Lion's Mane

  • Reishi

  • Turkey Tail

  • Shiitake

  • King Trumpet

About the RYZE Company

Founders, Andrée and Rashad were avid coffee consumers during their undergrad at Harvard until they realized that coffee wasn't giving them the sustained energy they desired in their professional lives, instead leaving them unmotivated and disheartened for their day. Through their research into medicinal mushrooms, they developed the RYZE Mushroom Coffee blend to enhance focus and energy while minimizing the jitters of normal coffee. Their focus is creating something that helps themselves feel better and do better, and which also helps others feel and do better.

Subscription Option

You have the option to opt-in to regular purchases of the RYZE products at an interval that is best for you (for example monthly or bi-monthly). When you subscribe to regular purchases, you'll gain complimentary access to their Gratitude Journal. This is a daily short text sent to your phone as a time that you schedule where you can text a reply to the prompt. The prompts return your focus to the present moment. This daily text is unobtrusive, short, and sweet. Complimentary to a busy schedule that shifts your focus to gratitude, thus helping your daily outlook to keep an eye out for joy.

If interested, you can also sign up for the RYZE "Not your Average Newsletter" which in fact shares interesting insights as well. They do send emails a few times a month, but they don't bombard you like most retailers. Their email content give substantial insights rather than promoting their products.

Product Feedback

I actually enjoy drinking RYZE Mushroom Coffee plain or with creamer. As a woman who loves her mochas, I usually add a dollop of chocolate creamer with my RYZE mix and hot water before calling it a day. If I choose to partake in coffee during the day, I now only drink half a home-mug before calling it a day and wanting more water in my life. My sister who enjoys black coffee, loves drinking RYZE plain with no creamer added.

While it took a little adjustment (about 1-2 weeks) to adjust fully transition away from full coffee and onto this earthy pallet, I have found that my body responds well to RYZE, helping to regulate gut health, reduce stomach bloating and facial acne that I've noticed with coffee. Overall, I am also more hydrated than drinking coffee throughout the day. Having enough electrolytes and staying hydrated is something that I've struggled with as an adult. RYZE also gives me more confidence in my nutrition since it is comprised of mushrooms with great nutrients. My focus during the day, while it's not as peaked or energized as it is with coffee, is more sustained, both ready and willing to keep plugging away the long-haul of the day.

In Conclusion

Two thumbs way up!

Give RYZE Mushroom Coffee a try! If you've also been looking for a way to cultivate more gratitude or mindfulness in your life without many annoying notifications, subscribe to a regular purchase of RYZE to receive their Gratitude Journal texts. I have grown to look forward to these morning texts. With a busy life, it's a great way to remind yourself of beautiful memories and the little everyday joys. Not to mention pondering these joys over a delicious coffee alternative!

So if you're daring or curious and would also like to enjoy 10% off your first purchase, follow this link to try RYZE today!


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