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Featured Product: CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Ointment

Do you have ongoing pain from an old injury or that has blossomed over time? Have you tried pharmaceuticals and homeopathic remedies, looking for something both friendly for your body and that is efficient at cutting the edge to your pain so that you can engage with life again? Have you considered CBD pain ointment?

CBD Clinic's Level 5 Pain Ointment is made by the combined efforts of the CBD Clinic and Charlotte's Web. While their Level 5 Pain Ointment was specifically designed to assist with sports-related muscle soreness, we have personally found it helpful in other high pain levels of injuries, including chronic and acute pains.

Charlotte's Web, who produces many other CBD products started their business (seven brothers) to help their little sister who suffered from 300 seizures a week. In producing a remedy that helped drastically decrease these seizures, she was able to engage with her life again, and they discovered the needs of other similar individuals across the nation. In creating other products to help these needs, they have established a meticulous method for ensuring the consistency and quality of their products including: growing their own hemp and distributing it to their farms to ensure consistent genetic makeup, strict growing regulations to ensure the consistency of the plants (which affect CBD levels and minimizing THC levels for ingestibles), ethically focused farming, abiding by local and federal regulations, and 3rd party lab testing to meet Charlotte's Web's level of quality (which is higher than most in the industry). (view Meet Charlotte's Web for more information) The strict process of creating and testing this product ensures that clients and practitioners receive a top-shelf product that they can rely on in confidence. The active ingredients that aid in pain relief include camphor and menthol. Camphor assists in reducing inflammation and tension, while menthol gives a cooling relief to the afflicted area.


  • Stimulates nerve endings that reduce itching and pain

  • Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial properties

  • Warming sensation


  • Cooling sensation on skin (neuronal receptors)

  • Research supports menthol is more effective relieving pain than ice

Note: It is recommended to only apply camphor and menthol topically only, as serious side-effects can result from ingesting them.

While research is still being on on CBD products, and while they are not a cure-all for every ailment (we're not promoting snake oil here), we have found that in cases of chronic and acute pain, this level 5 pain ointment has in fact proven effective when other CBD products or other pain relief pills have fallen short. As someone who seeks homeopathic methods and tries to avoid pain pills, I have had moments where the nerve damage in my feet has been overwhelming. This ointment worked far superior than my other CBD balms, and other oil remedies, also giving me startling near-immediate relief. Chase also uses this ointment on himself especially when his disc becomes inflamed. While his chronic pain is a level that I don't experience in my feet, it does give him relief.

If you're interested in trying some, ask us. We aim to keep some on hand in the studio. If you're unsure about using this product on yourself, consult your doctor and dig deeper with your own research. Each body is different. What agrees with some bodies, might not agree with all bodies.


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