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"Chase Walters is a great massage therapist! I have had back and neck pain for at least 30 years. I’ve seen orthopedic MDs, as well as doctors who specialize in pain, and had steroid injections. I’ve seen several chiropractors and many massage therapists over the years. Chase has provided more relief than anyone else I’ve seen. He’s very knowledgeable and intuitive about the human body and cheerfully puts his clients at ease. It’s obvious that he loves helping people. I feel lucky to have found such a competent massage therapist." 


"It is a pleasure to write a post for my friend and massage therapist, Chase Walters.  I have known Chase for over 10 years, and he has been a positive force in my life.  I have watched him develop into both a mature young man and massage therapist who cares for his clients and their wellbeing.  He cares and always asks for an update on my body before he begins a massage session.  Listening carefully his focus is centered on my needs as a client. Several years ago, I went through a siege with sciatic nerve in my back and leg.  His skills with massage, using hot stones and wet heat were the only thing that gave relief.  Chase cares about his profession and always conducts himself professionally doing what is best for the client." 


"I started seeing Chase a few weeks before a serious hip repair surgery.  He immediately made me feel at ease - his knowledge, skill, and experience was very apparent in that he understood what I needed to do to prepare both mentally and physically for what was going to be a long recovery.  He not only made sure my body was as prepared as it could be beforehand, he gave me things to do at home during recovery while I had to wait to see him again.  He worked closely with my physical therapist and surgeon to make sure I had an optimal recovery.  I rapidly started seeing improvements as soon as my hip was stable enough to see him again and was very quickly able to walk unassisted.  I truly believe that he made a massive difference in my recovery - not only relaxing my mind, but healing my muscles from the inside out.
I would recommend Chase to anyone who is trying to relax after a long day, to someone like me who has a medical need for massage, and anyone in between.  He will customize his services to what's best for you.  I'm so grateful I found him!" 


“I am 66 years old and have been getting massages since I was 28 years old. Chase Walters has been my personal massage therapist since he graduated from Massage school in 2010. (He also is my husband’s personal massage therapist. My husband is 74 with neck and back problems.) Chase is very knowledgeable of the body muscles, how they work and what affects them. Over those years, he has consistently expanded his knowledge and kept up to date with techniques to help his clients. He pays attention in detail when adjusting various parts of the body and stretching or massaging to what the problems are and what’s needed and not what just feels good. He communicates well during massage: gives the client choice of music, or not, for a relaxing atmosphere; very professionally deals with the client’s personal privacy; is cautious but effective with use of hot towels (love, love, love!) and stones. He is punctual and polite. I have recommended him to countless friends and relatives. 

What I am impressed with most is how much he loves massage and with it, helping people to feel better.”


I have been getting massages from Chase since he began giving them at the Center. I go every week and Chase asks me how my week went, what hurts in particular, and then provides a massage that addresses my responses. I have fibromyalgia and sometimes it is my neck and arms, or the arthritis is my fingers, or just a gentle rub down for stress. He is wonderful! Such a blessing to me! I am 68 and walk taller and happier since begin treated by Chase. Thank you!


The "relief" in the name here is so apt. I was in excruciating shoulder pain when I contacted Chase a few weeks ago, and he squeezed me in right away. Over the course of two sessions, he worked out much of the pain. I was amazed at how he could locate each tension point, like a detective. He was able to explain to me the major causes of my tension and how to stretch to relax them. He sent me home with instructions for at-home care and I've continued to heal by following his excellent advice. I wouldn't hesitate to set up an appointment with Chase in the future.

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