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Featured Product: Nutrilite Cal Mag D

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Did you know that magnesium is involved in over 300 chemical reactions in the human body? Or that a balance of magnesium and calcium does more to alleviate Charlie Horses than the myth of potassium in bananas? Did you even know that at least 50% of people in the US alone are magnesium deficient? Our featured product, Nutrilite Cal Mag D, contains a balance of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Below, we will explore why these supplements are necessary in the body as well as the quality of this product specifically.

To begin, the relationship between calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are co-dependent. Each supplement keeps the other in check and appropriately balanced within the body. Magnesium converts vitamin D into its active form which aids in the absorption of calcium. Magnesium also helps control the balance of calcium. When calcium levels get too high, it triggers the body’s hormones to extract calcium from bones and deposits it into soft tissues and arteries, causing problems. In return, calcium also regulates the balance of magnesium in the body. Too much magnesium in the body will prevent calcium from being absorbed into the body.

While vitamin D deficiencies are linked to many illnesses (such as cancers, arthritis, mental illnesses, ect.), magnesium deficiencies could potentially give context to many discomforts we experience throughout the day. Some examples include migraines, joint and muscle aches, Charlie Horses, and more. Calcium and magnesium are both needed to operate the body’s muscles where calcium oversees muscle contraction and magnesium facilitates the muscle release. Taking this into consideration, it makes sense that when we don’t receive enough of these nutrients, our bodies will ache or the muscles at the base of our skull produces migraines.

There are several reasons why it is difficult for us to absorb the recommended daily value of these nutrients. Context as to why this is include:

  • Less than 50% of magnesium in supplements is absorbed

  • If calcium is taken with magnesium, then the body prioritizes the absorption of calcium over magnesium.

  • Magnesium levels in food is half the amount that it was 100 years ago, additionally cooking can remove a 25% of magnesium in foods.

  • If the body burns through its magnesium and vitamin D stores, then it will prevent calcium from being absorbed.

  • Indoor occupations as well as latititudal positioning can limit the amount of vitamin D received with sunlight.

  • Cholesterol in the skin as well as sunscreen, smog, season, time of day and other factors make it difficult to absorb enough vitamin D through sunlight on the skin.

To give us a firm foundation in achieving the recommended daily values for calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, we have been taking the Nutrilite Cal Mag D blend daily. This blend does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It is also Kosher and NSF Content Certified, meaning that through thorough and strict testing, this product is proven to contain all the listed ingredients, and nothing more, so you exactly what you’re taking. No surprises. The calcium and magnesium components are derived from calcified seaweed, a botanical option which naturally contains both minerals in balanced proportions, just as nature intended!

The Nutrilite brand focuses on plant-based nutrients and vitamins, partnering with farms in order to produce quality products. The farms that they partner with implement organic earth-friendly and farming practices. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used, keeping all ingredients pure and safe for yourself and your family. Any ingredients that cannot be grown on their own farms, are carefully cultivated on partner farms with a deep adherence to sustainable farming. These practices have paved the way for Nutrilite to be considered the #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand in the world! It’s a brand that you can rest your confidence in.

Since adding the Nutrilite Cal Mag D blend into our daily diets, we have noted a significant drop in midnight Charlie Horses. Our bodies accept this balance of supplement over other combinations, with our stomachs staying happy throughout the day even if we did not eat food when we took this supplement (which is helpful when you’re busy with work and family). The pills are a moderate, easy to swallow size. It is recommended to take this supplement multiple times a day, which is understandable considering that at most, the body can only absorb about 500 mg of calcium at a time. While additional magnesium absorbed topically like in Epsom salt soaks, this vitamin blend gives us a great foundation in attaining our daily recommendations for each nutrient.

As always, consult your doctor and/or nutritionist before adjusting your supplements. Each body is different with its specific balance of daily supplements to best support it. We are simply sharing what has helped our family in hopes that it helps you and yours!


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