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Local Practitioner: Amy Fulton

Empathic, compassionate, and friendly, Amy Fulton is the founder of Akashic Healing Center in Charlottesville, Virginia where alternative health and wellness takes place. AHC's belief is that by healing ourselves, we heal our world.

Akashic Healing Center Services

The services that AHC offer include Reiki & Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Reflexology, Guided Meditation, Reiki Classes and Attunements, Energy Workshops, and Nurture in Nature (outside energy and yoga). These services primarily utilize energy, sound frequency, and connection with nature and your body as methods of healing.

How do these services help?

Guided meditation aids in deepening relaxation, in turn assisting in alleviating depression, anxiety, stress, overthinking, and other emotions. The crystal singing bowls entrain the body and brain to their natural frequencies, leaving clients feeling lighter, better balanced, and focused. Reiki & Chakra Balancing balances clients' Chakras and opens their energy pathways allowing their chi to flow effortlessly around their body, creating the residual feelings of energized, rejuvenated, and healed.

Why Reiki Energy Healing? Amy studied to become a Reiki Grand Master, not for the title or the prestige of energy working, but because it resonated with the truths of her soul.

Raised in the church and being a keen observer of human behavior and cause and effect, Amy watched as church attendees were healed on Sunday, only to return the following week for additional healing of the same illnesses that plagued them last week. She witnessed a man without an eyeball, read from an empty eye socket and other marvels that she couldn't explain at the time, and wanted to know more about. She however did not agree with the fear-based beliefs in which the church taught, or the emphasis of receiving material processions in heaven. "I always believed there was a source of love that connects us all and that we shouldn’t only be good for fear or reward. I wanted to know why some healings worked and others didn’t, so I decided to follow a spiritual path and learn how to help people heal without insisting that they follow any rules or convert to any beliefs that aren’t theirs," Amy explained. "I have healed myself from many things and when I found Reiki it was so refreshing to know that I wasn’t crazy as a child and there was an energy we can manipulate to heal not only ourselves, but others as well. "

The path Amy chose to become certified as a Reiki Grand Master was through online courses in order to craft her experience with the instructors that resonate with her. As a busy mother, this method enabled her to study and learn on her time while granting her accessibility to her instructors for questions or in order to learn other topics and techniques which interest her. Although she may be a Grand Master now, Amy continues her hunger for knowledge, frequently incorporating new methods and modalities into her sessions.

Why Charlottesville?

Amy and her family were drawn to Charlottesville for its diversity, culture, and beautiful landscapes. Amy elaborates, "there are so many chances for people to make their dreams a reality. I feel there is a strong sense of community here. There is also so much culture and history." Naturally embodying an energy worker her whole life, Amy owned a healing center for several years, before opening Akashic Healing Center in 2023 with the intention of utilizing more alternative and deeper healing methods. Today she seeks to enhance the inner and whole body wellness among individuals, and in turn deepening the sense of community within Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

Meet and Learn More about Amy!

You can schedule an appointment with Amy through her website or learn more about her and Akashic Healing Center through her online presence on Instagram and Facebook!

References: Interview with Amy Fulton on 18 August 2023.

Fulton, A. (2023). Akashic Healing Center [website]. Retrieved from

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