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Our Story: The Origins of Relief by Chase

Today is our one year anniversary of opening our massage studio in Charlottesville!

In just one year, we have learned so much. Neither Chase or I went to school for business, so running our own is a little different from what our focuses are. We are rooted in our desire to help serve others and contribute to whole body healing. Our foundation is in our relationships with our clients and massage therapy. We have learned so much and refined our operating process in just one year alone and we continue to expand and grow. Let us share our story with you of how we started Relief by Chase!

“There’s no philosophical answer to that. You [Caitlin] dragged me to the studio and we started the business.” -Chase Walters

While a humorously simplified explanation as to how we started Relief by Chase, the true roots dig much deeper. Chase first experienced massage at the age of five when his Godmother demonstrated a few techniques she has learned at the Virginia School of Massage. This affinity never left Chase. He received his licensure in Massage Therapy from the Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville in 2010, after which he practiced his skills at various locations. He opened Relief by Chase originally in Fredericksburg, but unfortunately had to close his doors due to his back surgery. But life has a way of unexpected blessings. When he recovered and returned to work at Cityspa in 2019, he and I met.

While at Cityspa, I learned practical aspects to managing a spa and how to cultivate vibrant client relations. I also learned more about massage therapy through the therapists working on location. The more I learned, the more I became passionate about this whole-body method of healing.

Life events then cascaded like a waterfall; the pandemic, quarantine, Chase and I married in 2020, and had our son in 2021! Admits these life changes, we came to affirm that Chase’s work location at the time was not ideal for our family. After discussion, we decided that we were all in. I “dragged” Chase to scout out a potential studio, which aligned with our vision, and we opened the doors of Relief by Chase in Charlottesville on March 1st, 2022!

It’s exciting to hear our story and think about a young couple starting their family and striking out on their own, but none of this would ever be possible without the support and encouragement from others, specifically:

Judi McGarvey and Mike & Carole Farris for being some of our first clients and supporting us even before we started Relief by Chase.

Jared Hardy whose positive business consulting is invaluable to our foundation and formation.

Stephen Cook whose videography artistry is enabling us to take our next step in growing our business.

And our Family both near and far whose steadfast, powerful support has enabled us to regain our footing and our hope when the shadow of discouragement threatens to shroud us.

We are passionate about helping others and building long-lasting relationships. These individuals know and have experienced this.

“I put my body through a lot growing up. I wore out a lot of joints and discs, so Relief by Chase to me is focused on helping to alleviate tensions, pain, or strain in the body.” -Chase Walters

I have never felt a massage like Chase’s before. Perhaps having broken almost every bone in his body gives him a different perspective from most massage therapists. It’s true that he does not “pet” people. Instead, he actively works the body towards healing wellness. When I was young, I thought massage was posh, appropriate for those with extra spending money. I didn’t realize how it assists with body alignment, joint pain, tendinitis, bulging discs, my nerve-damaged feet, or overactive nerves in general -merely to name a few examples. Chase’s understanding in anatomy, pathology, and bodily injury set him apart from other therapists. Additionally, he explains what he’s doing and why it helps the body in a way that someone without this background can understand (hi! -that’s me, his wife!). He doesn’t give home stretching recommendations, or ”homework” as we call it, thoughtlessly. When practiced and maintained, they actually work in prolonging the healing effects of the massage work received. It might take several sessions depending on what you have going on, but our bodies usually don't get into this condition overnight either. He will find the root of your discomfort and either resolve it or recommend seeing a specialist for assessment with tools that he does not possess in order for you to get the healing you need.

We are not afraid to refer clients to other specialists that we trust and who provide quality service. By regarding our clients like family, we want to ensure that you're getting the quality care and healing that you need to enjoy your vibrant life.

"I love my job. I love being able to help people with pain and discomfort on a daily basis." - Chase Walters

We have been blessed to be able to do what we love, and we love making a difference in helping our clients enjoy their lives vibrantly. Moving forward, we are striving to train new massage therapists and become involved with massage therapy education once more. Part of our plans include educational videos on YouTube which will help inform not only students, but the general public who are interested in massage therapy. Down the road, we hope to expand both in the number of massage therapists in order to offer more services and modalities to our clients, and our studio size, finding a location that is accessible for those healing from previous injuries. Until we are ready for that next chapter in our story, we continue refining our methods in order to provide you with excellent service!

Now that you know our story, we would love to hear yours! Tell us how we've made a difference in your life. We appreciate feedback to learn, grow, and affirm what we're excelling at!


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