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Featured Service: Relief Feet

Our featured product this month, is actually a featured service. Introducing Relief Feet! Perfect for those wanting to get their feet wet in massage therapy. While similar to a pedicure, there are some distinct differences, namely the lack of nail polish, but there are distinct benefits to this particular service which promote your full-body wellbeing on a deeper level.

Relief Feet is a thirty-minute service which begins with a Botanical Epsom Salt soak, followed by a foot and calf exfoliation using Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub, and concluded with a Reflexology massage on the feet. Below is a breakdown of the methods and products used during this service, why we chose these specifically, and the benefits that they give to your overall wellness.


We give clients ten minutes to rest their feet in the warm Botanical Epsom Salt Soak. This allows the magnesium in the Epsom Salts to absorb through the skin, and the water to warm the muscles, tendons, and joints, in preparation for massage. The benefits of absorbing magnesium, a nutrient that many of us are deficient in, include soothing muscles, reducing inflammation, promoting relaxation, and increasing magnesium levels in the body which aid in over 300 chemical reactions in the body. Each botanical blend contain benefits specific to the herbs or flowers used both from an aromatherapy and topical perspective.

Exfoliation not only smooths the skin, but also aids in circulation. This process acts as the next step to massage warm up for your calf and foot before receiving Reflexology massage.

Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points in the feet which correspond to other parts of the body, enhancing whole body wellness. Its origins lie in Eastern medicine with the understanding that there are fascia that connect from the top of the head all the way down to the bottom of your foot. In addition to the physical tissue connecting the body from head to foot, there are also energy zones interconnecting the various points of the body. The reflex points in the feet correspond to zones and organs in the body. By stimulating these reflex points, you can cleanse and stimulate these zones and enhance these organ functions, thus enhancing the full body wellness.


We have three Botanical Epsom Salt home-blends. These blends are made with dōTERRA essential oils and herbs and flora from either our own backyard or other local farms whenever possible. These include Calm Relief (lavender & rosemary blend), Citrus Relief (Citrus Bloom blend), and Muscle Relief (Eucalyptus & Spearmint). In addition to these blends, we keep Dr. Teal’s Fragrance Free Pure Epsom Salts on hand for those who are more sensitive to oils and scents. We use dōTERRA oils, due to its rigorous distillation process, clean ingredients, and diligent sourcing for it plant materials used to make the essential oils. They are of a high grade quality that we trust. We use herbs from our own backyard as much as possible, because we do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides. We know the love that these plants grow in and trust that they are healthy for our family and yours. Whenever there are herbs or flowers that we do not have at our own home, we turn to local growers.

Calm Relief

  • Containing magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), doTERRA lavender and rosemary essential oils, rosemary leaves, and lavender flower buds.

  • This blend is focused in promoting soothing relaxation.

  • Benefits of Lavender: promotes sleep, soothes irritated and damaged skin, and promotes relaxation.

  • Benefits of Rosemary: reduces inflammation, promotes sense of grounding and relaxation, and improves memory.

Citrus Relief

  • Containing magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), doTERRA Citrus Bloom essential oil (a citrus and floral scent combination), orange peels, and assorted flower petals.

  • Citrus awakens while floral scents sprout a joyful burst of aromatherapy.

  • DōTerra’s Citrus Bloom essential oil blend is composed of Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Magnolia essential oils.

  • Benefits of Citrus Bloom: energizing (wild orange and grapefruit), purifying skin care components (grapefruit), and calming and relaxing (roman chamomile, magnolia, and lavender).

Muscle Relief

  • Containing magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), doTERRA eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils, and spearmint leaves.

  • This blend is focused in aiding muscle recovery.

  • Benefits of Eucalyptus: facilitates breathing, reduces odors, promotes sense of calm, and has a gentle cooling sensation.

  • Benefits of Spearmint: promotes clarity of mind, refreshing scent, and has a subtle cooling sensation.

Dr. Teal’s Fragrance Free Pure Epsom Salts

  • An alternative option for those who are more sensitive to oils and botanicals.

  • A trusted brand among massage therapists.

  • These ultra-fine magnesium sulfate crystals are used to soothe muscle and joint aches WITHOUT essential oils or botanicals.

We exfoliate with the Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub. This scrub surprised both Chase and I with its gentle exfoliation coupled with visible, feel-able results, smoothing out callouses, and keeping skin soft for the rest of the day! Another reason to love this spa-grade product is the fact that it is a brand has a less than 1% allergic reaction rate among its clients and uses botanical ingredients proven to optimize your skin’s radiance. This body scrub contains chamomile and rosemary which not only give a gentle aroma, but also works to calm and sooth any skin inflammation. It also contains aloe for an added boost of moisturization throughout your day.

While Reflexology massage does not need massage cream or oil, we use Bon Vital Muscle Therapy Cream for all our massage work. This cream has superior application methods and is specifically geared to aid in muscle and joint relief with the use of arnica, leaving the skin moisturized, but not tacky. The fact that it is nut and paraben free, makes it safe (non-allergenic) for most clients.

We have thoughtfully and thoroughly considered our process and products in creating this new service for our clients. We strive to make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone and are excited to share it with you or those who are new to massage therapy! As a mom chasing after our two year old, I loved how refreshed and rested my feet felt after this service, even though it was so brief. If you have limited time, but need a restorative service, this is a great option!


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