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Importance of Water

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Whenever you go into a massage, the therapist emphasizes water. “Drink lots of water before you come in!” and “Drink lots of water when you go home!” Why is this?

Water is miraculous. Aside from the human body being mostly composed of it, water can carry electricity, is the Universal Dissolvent, and is a source of life for almost any organism on Earth. Often when we define life, we define it with water.

Have you heard of the water study by Dr. Masaru Emoto, where water took on various different structures depending on the intention labeled onto its jar and the words and emotions spoken to it? Does this mean that water is conscious? Does this mean that everything composed of water is a kind of energetic empath, absorbing and adapting to the various emotions directed to them and existing in its environment? What connections can we make between these observations and the human body?

Now that I have wet your curiosity (see what I did there?), one reason why a massage therapist advises that you drink lots and lots of water prior and following your massage, is not so that you have to run to the bathroom every five minutes, but instead because when you receive a massage, your body detoxes. Remember that water is a Universal Dissolvent? Massage therapy opens up the tissue fibers in the body, opens up muscles, releasing knots and trigger points.

Remember when I mentioned that water can store emotion in its molecules (and memory)? Your body being primarily comprised of water, also stores energy and emotion within muscle, tissue, and cells (think cellular memory). When these once stagnant or encumbering energies and emotions are released, they now need to be escorted out of the body, aka detoxed. Cue drinking lots and lots of water! The water carries these impurities out of the body, and with these body pollutants out, the body can focus its power to heal its injured areas, enabling these benefits tp resonate within the body longer.

With this knowledge, we can understand how older traditions and religions like Shintoism and many others held water as a purifying and/or sacred source, and why it feels oh so good to take a nice long shower after an emotionally difficult day!

So remember, enjoy that shower! And drink lots and lots of water before and after your massage!


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